How do professional USA moving and storage companies start operating?

The moving industry in the United States is a thriving one. If you have been dealing with professional movers and moving companies over the past several years, you are probably wondering how they got started.

Let us take a brief look at what USA moving and storage companies need in order to start operating.

  • You must have a clear idea of the services you will offer.

Are you solely going to concentrate on the transit aspect, or will you also offer packing and unpacking services? Will it be a local business, or will you also allow long distance moves out of state?

  • Learn the ropes.

Fortunately, there are moving trainings and workshops that you can attend or sign up for.

  • Assess your resources.

Do you have enough starting capital? Do you have enough space? Do you have to take out business loans and, if you do, do you know where to get one?

  • Assess your business needs, particularly the tools you will need.

These include the moving vans or trucks, the space for parking and storage, the manpower you will require, as well as the other tools such as unloading and storage equipment.

  • Obtain the required licenses, certifications and permits.

Business permits are a given. You should also look into joining associations that will add to your business credibility.

  • Get insured.

You need to take out insurance coverage for your, and your moving company’s, protection. Take out property and business insurance, as well as insurance coverage for any furniture, appliance, or fixture that may be damaged in a move.

  • Hire the right people and train them.

Invest in training your people in the details of moving. Again, there are moving trainings they can attend. Put them through every opportunity to learn in order to hone their skills.

  • Invest in marketing.

Use print media or engage in internet marketing. Make social media work for you.

If or when you plan on starting your own moving company in the future, you now have an idea on how and where to begin.


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