Until 2013 you could get some results by giving your website to an S.E.O firm to promote it on the web, even if you didn’t understand a thing about it. Since the last penguin and panda algorithm updates’ many website gut penalties and series consequences, loosing rank and dropping down to the back pages at search results. Another factor to inflorescence small and medium business rank are “brands”. Google prefers brands over small sites. What is a brand in Google eyes has many  factor answer but generally speaking, the better you target a specific market and be unique from our competition, you’ve gut higher chances to be a brand.

Our clients never have to worry about algorithm change or getting penalize. that’s because we don’t do S.E.O we do Digital marketing. S.E.O has finally died, Google don’t keep the best minds in the world on a fat paycheck for nothing. even if your S.E.O company premisses you rocket results for organic search – it will not work and you will get penalize! even if you think to have a paid campaign and buy your way to search engine glory – it will not work. So what will work?

What we are doing is a secrete recipe, but I’ll tell you the ingredient. We mix good marketing strategy – we will shake the pillars of your website with objectives, target a specific market, find your uniqueness, new keyword research, your call to action your USP (unique selling preposition) and more. then we start with organic campagin together with a paid one. all our work id software free and robot free. all is man made whit hat digital marketing.

Want to give it a try? get a free website report from us. you can have a full report and a 30 minutes talk to one of our web marketing specialist. It is 100% FREE you will not be bonded what so ever!

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