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For those of us who have our own, fresh, new businesses we know the desire to find costumers is no easy feat. Many of us never know what to do to attract people to our company or business and we end up investing all of this money, only to watch it go to waste. We design websites and webpages, advertisement pop –ups and 30 second infomercials but the costumers seem to be taking rather long to contact us.

So how exactly Douse it works?

Something that most people overlook…why, I don’t know…is search engine marketing or search engine optimization (SEO).

There are two types of search engine marketing. The first type is the process of making your campaign appear often to search engine users by incorporating a never-ending list of key words (tags) or key word groups. This is when you create a long list of words that relate to your website or campaign so that when searched in a common search engine like Google or Bing, your chances of having someone “click” your website or campaign are much higher.

The second search engine marketing technique process is paying someone to advertise for you, also known as PPC.

This is much more common and it really is not that expensive. I’m sure you are thinking “why should I pay someone when I can do it myself”? The reason for that is advertising companies know how to advertise! Most advertising companies used for search engine marketing are electronic software companies. You pay the company for the software and the software finds thousands of keywords that I guarantee you would never even think of so that people can find your content more quickly.

The PPC method of search engine marketing also gives the company the opportunity to pay the advertising company to place their content in the forefront of search engines when one of their keywords is used. So not only will your ad appear on search engines, it will appear in the forefront of them.

What is recommended today ?

Today at the beginning of 2014 things are not so simple as they where, you can get penalized for over optimization or for using what consider to be “black hat” methods that Google see as spam. Search engine marketing is a recipe with many ingredients such as social media, content, quality links and more .. like any recipe the amount and quality of materials will determine if it will be a success or a disaster. so its worth the time, effort and money to use professional web marketing firm. You are more likely to gain costumers if you spend those extra few dollars to actually find that clientage so take the small risk!

As the age-old saying goes, “sometimes you have to spend money to make money”. Isn’t that the truth?

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