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Small businesses should take advantage of social media websites, Facebook in particular

Facebook is used amongst a wide age range and variety of people. Customers can be found quickly and easily. However, you do need to know how to properly master advertising on Facebook.


Know when to post

Once you’ve created a page dedicated to your business (you can create a separate Facebook account if that is easier), you need to make posts regularly. The act of posting though is nothing without timing. You need to know when the best time to make a Facebook post is. Consider who your followers are and when they are more likely to be scrolling through their newsfeed. Young adults, such as (16-25) tend to be on Facebook Friday nights through Sunday nights. This is their lounge time so posting a few articles, references, or just general information about your business during this time is best. You are more likely to get older customers during the daytime, such as noon-5pm.



Express yourself

For whatever reason, people are more interested in a post or article if they are able to empathize or get some sort of an emotional response from it.  People are more likely to remember information if they have an emotional reaction to it, whether that emotion is anger, happiness, sadness, it doesn’t’ matter. They also like you to be excited about what you are posting. If you express yourself in your posts, people will be able to connect with you.



Know your brand

By this, we mean it’s important to view your company as if you were a potential customer. You need to know what a customer wants to see, how often, the language style, etc. Think about it as if you were a customer for your company, what would you want? Use that to advertise properly. Don’t spam, ever. If there is a big event coming up, of course you can mention it a week in advance, then maybe 3 days, and then the day of, but don’t post every single day. It will only annoy people and make them un-follow you. You want to draw them into your business, not push them away from it.



Use Facebook Advertising.

If you can, use Facebook Advertising, which is a business run by Facebook that allows you to pay for ads that Facebook will publish about your company. Facebook’s job is to get your information out to people you would not have been able to reach otherwise. It’s a great investment and one you should consider.


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