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S.E.O OUT-  Web marketing IN!

The last Google updates (the “Panda and Penguin”)at the beginning of 2013, have changed SEO as we knew it. the algorithm updates yet to come will continue the line of actions made by the Google department of fighting spam. Many websites using “black hat” methods gut heavily penalized and down ranked. Our customers never have to worry about algorithm updates or being penalize by Google.

We do a web marketing. we use a right formula within Google guidelines to get your business branded and promoted exactly in places your potential clients are looking for your services. we see the web marketing as a marketing medium. we build a marketing web for your business that is true to your objectives and marketing goals.

 Brand marketing Vs call to action marketing.

large brands invest a huge amount of money on their marketing department. small and medium businesses usually don’t have a marketing plan.  it’s usually not a priority A in such businesses and most of them don’t take any planned marketing actions, for the most they copy the marketing of the big brands. Brand marketing is very different than small business “Call to action” marketing in many ways.

What is marketing anyway? broadly speaking  good the marketing man identify from all the people existing on earth ,your potential clients – the people who are in need of your product.  the better and more specific you are getting with your marketing plan you will spend less money on inefficient sales efforts.

As we work only with movers we specialized in the moving industry and market. we know the right marketing model that will work for you. we know where your customers are looking for you and we know how to get you good clients all year round – with us there is no low season.

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