You know those phone calls that everyone gets from time to time?

The ones where you pick up the phone and are instantly informed about the latest advancement in health care or insurance plans, a.k.a. the phone calls everyone hangs up on but shouldn’t. I know you know the calls I’m referring to. Those people calling you are telemarketers and they work for a telemarketing agency.

Telemarketing companies are essentially groups of people who make phone calls to other people trying to sell some kind of product. These phone calls are (almost) always “cold calls” which means that the person receiving the phone call did not request it. Their number was simply obtained through a database either at random or perhaps due to them purchasing a similar product at some point in the recent past.

These telemarketing phone calls come in one of two ways. The most common method is when you receive a phone call with a real person on the line who will probably start the conversation off with “Hello ma’am, how are you today”. The second method is when you answer the phone you are given an automated voice telling you about a new product release or new insurance plan.

Telemarketing is a great way to expand your business and increase your clientele. Many people like the idea of simply getting a phone call because it allows them to listen to a pitch from the comfort of their living room or office. It is a great way to catch consumers off guard which is actually a great thing to do. The consumer then has a fresh, open mind and can be easily persuaded into buying or using whatever it is the telemarketer is trying to sell.

Telemarketing agencies are categorized into two sections: business to clientele and business to business. The business to clientele method is the most common as it is simply used to sell a product to a consumer. The business to business option is a bit more serious and involves more of a partnership than a sales pitch. Either method will increase your clientele so there’s really no wrong way to go!

Telemarketing is a great way to expand your clientele base and get the word out about your product. You have the opportunity to make a pitch to a possible client without ever having to meet them or even speak to them. The telemarketers do it for you so you can go do more important things with your business. It is a fantastic opportunity and highly recommended that you get involve with!



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