If you’ve ever moved or helped someone else move, you don’t need to be told about the hard work that goes into it and some of the unexpected challenges that can crop up. It’s just part of the process: there will be plenty of loading and heavy lifting and there may be a light bulb casualty or two along the way–hopefully nothing more! If you’re moving to another city or to another state, you may not even realize what one of your biggest concerns should be: moving your vehicle to your new home. That’s right, driving may not be your best option. Keep reading to find out why. 


It’s natural enough to hire a company for a long distance move–most people that do it themselves are trying to save money on the cost of relocating anyway–but what about moving a vehicle? Again, the instinct is that you should just drive your car to your new home if you’re moving. After all, it saves money, right? Not exactly. The true cost of driving is like a bill that is being constantly tabulated, but one that most of only face when we have to; i.e. when something goes wrong. In the next section, we’ll take a look at some of the costs of driving and how they can add up, especially during a move.

The Economics Of Professional Automobile Transport

The cost of hiring a company like A1Auto Transport to move your car or motorcycle can be pretty minimal when compared against the cost of gas, your time, additional mileage and potential mechanical issues. If for example, you needed a car moved from Philadelphia to Boston (about 300 miles) and you drove it yourself, you can bank on spending at least four hours–probably more–driving. With the average price of gas on the East Coast around $3.70 per gallon, fuel costs will set you back at least $50, and that’s if you have an economical car.


So far, the toll of the do-it-yourself method is 4 hours of time, $50 dollars in gas, 300 miles on your car and the potential for accidents, damage or mechanical issues during the trip–all while using conservative estimates for gas mileage and driving time. Comparatively, you could hire an auto transporter to move your vehicle for $300 or less. (Motorcycles, due to their smaller size and weight are often shipped at an even lower rate than automobiles.)


This means not having to worry about additional miles, gasoline costs, your own driving time, mechanical issues along the way, or being in an accident. In fact, auto transport companies must carry insurance that covers any damage to your vehicle during shipping so you still get the benefit of being compensated if there is any damage. Even if you do decide against hiring someone to move your car or motorcycle, it’s often worth a phone call or two to get an idea of the cost and compare it to how much time and money you’d be investing by driving it yourself.

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